Sothys - Products


Sothys is a professional skin care line proven to deliver results. Healthy skin starts with a skin care routine. Sothys offers a variety of skin care regimins from anit- aging and hydrating to sensitive and problematic skins.

Sothys, or harmony with nature: the Jardins Sothys™ (“Sothys Gardens”) in their preserved setting represent a natural laboratory dedicated to the exploration of the plant world and its prodigious active ingredients.

A unique scientific dogma based on effectiveness, safety, naturalness and pleasure. An ability to innovate, making the most of the latest cosmetic breakthroughs.

The manufacturing of Sothys products is subject to the most rigorous quality standards applied in the pharmaceutical industry.



The products :
. are developed in a controlled atmosphere and in compliance with GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001.

. contain minimum preservatives in the formulas for maximum tolerance and safety: the harmlessness of Sothys products is scientifically proven.

. comply with the most stringent international regulations from the very start.

. offer total traceability, from their design to their placement on the market, notably via an in-house cosmetic surveillance department.